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Can I put my prescription lenses in your frames?


Can I put my prescription lenses in your frames?

The answer is yes, many people do, but with some qualifications.
We do produce a purpose made range of prescription frames. They go under the name Riccardo&Ginger. If you go to the website, you will find a range of designs all ready for your optometrist to put your lenses into. All these frames retail for just AUD$100.
Alternatively, there are a number of the frames in our standard magnification readers range which are suitable to have prescription lenses fitted in. In theory it is quite possible for all of the frames, the only reason we don’t recommend it on some is that there is a higher risk of scratching the surface on some of the frames
1. while fitting the lens, a little over half of our frames are injection moulded plastic with a painted finish. Whilst these are very durable for normal wear and tear, the plastic needs to be warmed to allow the fitting of the lens. There is a risk of scratching at this time.
2. as part of normal wear and tear.
3. If glasses are not looked after while not on your face there is a chance of scratching the surface in your handbag or briefcase, glovebox or wherever. Most people find this risk acceptable on an inexpensive pair of readers, it may be less acceptable on a pair of glasses with expensive lenses in them. Of course, it is quite possible to buy an extra pair of readers (as insurance) that your lenses could be fitted into if you did damage the other frames.
All of the frames (Riccardo & Ginger as well as On the Nose) are shown on the web site. If you see any that you like and would like to check, use the Contact Us form and we would be happy to let you know about the suitability of the designs chosen.

How can I pay for my order

We accept credit card payments through a secure Eway gateway. Cards accepted include Visa, mastercard and American Express.

Payments are also accepted through PayPal.

How do you deliver my order?

  • Orders are processed within one business day which usually means within 24 hours your goods are speeding their way to you.
  • Deliveries within Australia are sent by Australia Post eParcel (an express option is available too). This is a trackable service which can deliver to residential, business and PO Boxes alike. Generally within 1 day along the eastern seaboard.
  • Orders over $80 within Australia are shipped free of charge.
  • International parcels are sent by Australia Post airmail unless a courier service is requested.
I've heard that readers can damage my eyes. Is this true?

I've heard that readers can damage my eyes. Is this true?.

The short answer is No. The RANZCO (Roayal Australian & New Zealand College of Opthalmology) endorses the following statement issued by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
Ready to wear reading glasses, containing low-power plus sphere lenses, are widely available for non-prescription, over-the-counter purchase. The glasses have been manufactured since the 1800s and are currently available with either glass or plastic lenses in a wide variety of styles and optical powers. The lenses in the ready-to-wear glasses should meet the same impact resistance requirements as prescription spectacle lenses, and most such glasses also meet or exceed applicable ANSI standards2 for spectacle lenses and frames. The glasses generally cost from 6 to 18 dollars. This is in contrast to 25 to 200 dollars for comparable custom-fabricated reading glasses. Some opticians carry the ready-to-wear glasses as a convenience to their customers. Plus sphere reading glasses compensate for the loss of accommodation (focusing ability) that typically becomes symptomatic in the early 40s and part of the normal aging process. This loss of focusing ability, termed presbyopia, is not considered a disease or even a refractive error, but rather is a universal accompaniment of aging. Presbyopia per se is not associated with ocular disease. If customary, good near vision is restored by self-selected, ready-to-wear reading glasses, there is no reason to suspect that an underlying disease process is being missed. Ready-to-wear reading glasses are safe in that they cannot damage the eyes physically, whether or not they are the optimal strength, or whether they are used correctly or incorrectly. Temporary "eyestrain" may occur in some cases, but this is not damaging to the eyes and is relieved by discontinuing the glasses. If a significant refractive error is presented in addition to presbyopia, ready-to-wear reading glasses will not provide acceptable near vision and will simply not be purchased or worn. There is a concern among some eye care professionals that the over-the-counter availability of ready-to-wear reading glasses may have adverse public health consequences. They are concerned that patients may seek eye examinations less frequently, resulting in delayed detection of early, asymptomatic ocular disease such as glaucoma and diabetic eye disease. According to market surveys, however, purchasers of ready-to-wear reading glasses were found to be no less likely to forego eye examinations than purchasers of custom-fabricated (prescription-ground) reading glasses. Indeed, it has been argued that the availability of inexpensive reading glasses makes more funds available for routine eye examinations. In summary, ready-to-wear reading glasses are effective, safe, and economical. Self selection and over-the-counter purchase of theses glasses appear to be medically acceptable, cost-effective, and in the best overall interest of the public.

What is your returns policy?

We have a very simple returns policy.

We will accept return of goods purchased without question and a full refund will be processed (inclusive of freight if the whole order is returned).

Without question means for any reason. Whether you changed your mind, found they didn't fit, or just don't like them.

Of course, if there is ever any fault in or damage to a product, the same is true. However, these cases are rare.

Our warranty of quality continues for the life of the products. Our products are made to last and we will repair or replace any fault or breakage as a result of normal use.

Where can I buy your glasses?

Where can I buy your glasses?

Have a look on the stockists page of this site. Enter your postcode and the radius of your search in km. You will then be given a list and a map of stockists in your search area. If you are in New Zealand, Canada, East Timor or Chile please contact your local distributor for details of local stockists.

In Australia, we do provide a specialty order service to our stockists, so, if they do not have the design or power that you need in stock, please ask them if they will order it in for you. There is a small additional freight charge for this service which you stockist is entitled to pass on, so make sure you ask about this when you order them.

If you cannot find a stockist to help you, or you are not from one of the countries with distributors, you can buy directly from our online store.


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Eye Health

Your eye health is important. Presbyopia has similar symptoms to other more dangerous eye conditions and diseases. Whilst self prescription of readers is safe for people only suffering from Presbyopia, it is important that you have your eye health assessed by a qualified optician every two years.

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