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  • Prue


    Large square frame - very chic!


    These frames are made from injected polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a widely used material in many fields as it is strong, light and hypoallergenic.

    Polycarbonate frames feel light and take coloured paints and patterns applied in production very well to give good colourful results. Almost always polycarbonate frame are provided with spring hinges. This is largely to protect the delicate ends of the frame and temple from fracturing under stress. Polycarbonate is a strong material but will fracture is pushed too far. Usually the addition of the spring hinge will be sufficient to guarantee a long and useful life..


    56 [ ] 16-132 Lens height: 44mm

    100% UV protection.

    The lenses in these sunglasses are polycarbonate, offering 100% UV protection. The tint in the lens has a gradient from dark at the top to lighter at the bottom.

    Reduction of UV light is the most important aspect of eye protection provided by sunglasses. UV400 protection means that the three sprecta of UV light, A, B & C are all blocked..



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