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Wednesday, September 12, 2018, by Chris Boydell, comments (Disabled)

A short while ago we were approached by the principals of Eyeglass Assist in search of a few hundred glasses to take to the Solomon Islands for their free eyewear clinics. We advised Paul and Frances that we had 5000 pairs if they were interested to which they immediately said yes.  Read More

Thursday, February 15, 2018, by Chris Boydell, comments (Disabled)

Lions Recycle for Sight Project.
Lions Club collect unwanted and unbroken spectacles (ordinary sun glasses as well as prescription glasses and sun glasses), post them to their Lions plant in Qld ,courtesy of Australia Post, where they are cleaned, graded, tagged and stored until required in any disaster area in the world. Lions Clubs in Australia are endeavouring to collect 500,000 pairs in 2017.

On the Nose is very pleased to have been able to make an initial donation of some 300 glasses, followed up more recently by a donation of 1,500 pairs of glasses.

This effort deserves everyone's support - it's a great initiative.  Read More

Friday, December 15, 2017, by Chris Boydell, comments (Disabled)

A couple of months ago we received an enquiry out of the blue...

We are a non profit charity based in Perth WA. We work in the remote villages in Tanzania, giving safe clean drinking water and conducting health/hygiene programs.
There is a huge need for magnifying glasses, we met many people struggling to simply read. There are NO opticians in our project region.
I'm writing to ask if your company would be able to donate some reading glasses to help these precious people?

These wonderful people, not only travel regularly to Tanzania to assist the remote villages with clean drinking water and hygiene, but they have noted whilst there, that there was a need for magnifying glasses.   Read More

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