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Saturday, November 10, 2018, by Chris Boydell, comments 0

The fantastic people at Water for Africa are continuing their great work, not only assisting in providing clean water, but in assisting people with their vision while in these remote parts of Africa. It warms our heart that the glasses are so well received.  Read More

Friday, December 15, 2017, by Chris Boydell, comments (Disabled)

We’ve all experienced glare in our daily lives… perhaps spending the day at the beach, driving in a car with the sun reflecting off the dashboard, roadway or bonnet or on a boat with the sun illuminating the surface of the water. Usually, this glare is annoying and uncomfortable on the eyes, but when the angle of reflection is just right, the glare can become blinding and often downright dangerous, as in the case of driving a vehicle. Ordinary tinted sunglass lenses only cut down on ambient light that reaches the eye, or, light transmittance. By their very nature, they cannot block glare. Only polarised lenses can block out this dangerous, blinding glare. To understand how, you will need to understand how glare works and how polarised lenses work.  Read More

Monday, January 16, 2017, by Chris Boydell, comments (Disabled)


New stock of some of our most popular sunglasses arrived in January to supplement ever growing sales. Ricky, Club, Manly, Brenda, Kennedy and Avian have all been topped up with best selling colours.

New styles available immediately are
- Club shiny tortoiseshell with the ultra modern flat yellow revo lens. Only in polarised lens.
- New Avian Gold with brown lens now has a gradient polarised lens.

  Read More

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