Classic aviator in hard wearing plastic with bifocal D-segment
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Classic aviator in hard wearing plastic with bifocal D-segment 

Classic aviator in hard wearing plastic with bifocal D-segment 

Sunreaders are the solution to reading in the sun!  For anyone that needs reading glasses, you know that you can't read without them and you can't focus on anything long distance with them on. Sunreaders have a magnified D-segment at the bottom of the lens, perfect to look through when reading a book, a menu or even your car dashboard. The top of the lens is unmagnified allowing a clear view of middle and long distance. The whole lens is a UV400 tinted lens which blocks all of the UV and most of the brightness (they are classified as Category 2 which is a lightly lighter tint than general sunglasses, but this is necessary if you are going to be able to read through them).

Once you try them, you'll wonder how you survived without them. No more switching between glasses, squinting because the page is too bright, taking your sunnies off to read the menu or the extremely attractive double glassing (sunnies over readers).

All sunglasses sold in Australia must offer 100% protection from Ultra-Violet light. It is often referred to as UV400.

Ultra-Violet light is the light beyond the blue end of the visible light spectrum which can cause damage to our eyes. It is the same light responsible for causing sunburn, not be be confused with the infra-red light which makes us feel hot. Infra-red can be blocked by clouds, Ultra-Violet is not.

Use of sunglasses in Australia is recommended due to our proximity to the equator and outdoor lifestyle. Our clean air and climate ensures that we see plenty of direct strong sunlight.

Polarised lenses are also UV400, but have an extra filter which reduce the amount of glare from horizontal surfaces.

if you'd like to know more about UV400 versus Polarised, check out our blog post.

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